System Power Flush

An effective technique to keep your radiators working efficiently and preventing the build up of debris in your system.

Why Power Flush?

If your radiators are failing to heat thoroughly then it’s likely they will need a Power Flush. Water and cleaning chemicals are pumped through your radiators at high pressure which flushes out any build-up and dirt that is causing a blockage preventing hot water from spreading throughout the radiator. Power Flushing makes your central heating system more efficient, saving you money on energy bills. It can take from as little as four hours, depending on the build-up in your system and how many radiators you have.

Many manufacturers insist that your system is Power Flushed before a new install as they are aware of the potential damage and reduction in efficiency caused by dirty water and build up.

We use the Norstrom Proflush, the most powerful flushing machine that’s available today. See the results for yourself.

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